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The water test system is an automatic system that simulates the weather conditions of rain and fog in order to visually check the possible infiltration of water inside the vehicle cab, thus testing the proper tightness of the seals of the various dividing elements of the vehicle.

The test room, which the operator accesses on board the vehicle to be tested, is equipped with doors that can be operated by the operator by remote control. The same remote control manages the water test cycles (atomisation, rain and downpour). The operator simply has to wait for the end of the automatic downpour cycles, then leave the test room and visually check for any infiltration of water inside the vehicle cab. The system for the management, and diagnostics of the water test system includes a

control panel and a PLC with operator interface featuring a colour display. Upstream the tunnel there is a hydraulic system for lifting the car, downstream there is a drying system. The water system of the test consists of pumps, filters, water equipment, stainless steel pipes and nozzles for the diffusion of water for the following types of spraying:

– Spraying
– Top Rain
– Lateral Rain
– Top Downpour
– Lateral Downpour
– Bottom Downpour
– Wheel Arch Downpour

here are two types of water test system: the simple type, in-line, and the dynamic, 9-position water test system.

The in-line water test system is characterised by a maximum water pressure of 1.7 bar – a measurement that takes place downstream of the pressure regulator with specific minimum flow rates that depend on the length of the water test itself and on the dimensions of the conveyor step and the passing vehicles – and lasts a total of 5 minutes.

The 9-position dynamic water test system (car on four wheels, one wheel raised at a time, front wheels raised only, rear wheels raised only, right wheels raised only or left wheels raised only) allows the cars to undergo a water tightness test under special conditions that simulate situations such as: uphill, downhill, wheel on pavement, bend. In this case, the test takes place with a water pressure between 2.2 and 3.3 bar and with minimum flow rates that are also specific and defined; this test lasts a total of 48 minutes.

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