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The Semi-anechoic Cabin is an acoustically insulated chamber with sound insulation from the outside and sound absorption from the inside, used to analyse vehicle noise and study the reasons for it.

. It consists of walls made of various layers of materials with different densities, depending on the sound insulation to be achieved. In fact, starting from the design phase, every element that contributes to the result is adequately chosen and sized:

the foundation platform, the double acoustic driveway and pedestrian doors with internal soundproofing and triple closing and rebate, the double glazed windows separated by a 100-mm air blade, all elements with special physical and geometric requirements that allow noise absorption. The cabin is equipped with a ventilation system for room air exchange and air conditioning, complete with silencers and adjustable shutters, treated with exposed soundproofing materials inside the room and with a light signalling panel inside the room. The vehicle exhaust gas intake system is also equipped with silencer to dampen and limit acoustic interference. There is a Control Room next to the Cabin, the function of which is soundproofing the cabin against the noise emitted inside the department.

The Control is also equipped with all the soundproofing devices and elements mentioned above.

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