This is a track-based movement system with high-precision prismatic section for the feeding of measuring machines inside the Quality Control Areas where precision measurements are automatically taken on complex parts (e.g., car bodies).

Carts equipped with supports for elements are moved at reduced speed from the preparation stations to the measuring stations. The degree of mechanical and dynamic precision is extremely high. The transport system is flexible, and its path can be designed and adapted to the needs of the customer and the available space. The carts are idle, and their movement is carried out by means of motor units fitted rubber thrust wheel, positioned along the path at regular intervals.

The height from the ground is very low and their capacity can be high. Their movement is based on a predefined programmable logic: they move along their longitudinal axis on multiple wheeled skids and can change direction by orthogonally shifting without rotating their original geometric position thanks to an innovative and patented direction-change system. The materials used, such as aluminium and stainless steel, are also of high quality.

The system is integrated with the complete supply as “main contractor” of all the accessory works of the Area: construction jobs – false ceiling – perimeter fences – overhead crane for loading and unloading elements – office box – element supports on carts, all customisable upon the customer’s request. Thanks to the modularity of the project, it is in fact possible to satisfy every need: the system can be reassembled for different projects according to different requirements.

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