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The Pergola was developed as a functional and innovative solution that meets the needs of those who have to analyse cars on a daily basis and require variable lighting conditions. All the offered models combine sophisticated, high quality high-tech materials for the best performance with a geometric style that places the car as if it were in a laboratory, in a light clinic.

The particular lighting conditions make it possible to find any imperfections in the products present inside the structure or to highlight their quality and design features along with the gap and flush. By acting on a manual potentiometer, with no need for additional controls, the system uses a light intensity that ranges from zero to about 4000 lux, thus facilitating a detailed visual analysis.

The strength of the Pergola is its luminous uniformity index of 1, which zeroes out shadows, allowing a more effective search for defects and preventing eye fatigue. In summary, continuous, clear and specific monitoring as befits a dynamic system for an innovative structure, demonstrating that this solution truly combines innovation, practicality and efficiency with quality and energy savings. A true light clinic capable of exalting beauty, detail and even the smallest component.

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