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Innovative, functional, transparent in style and content, precise and alert to even the smallest details, as required by those who have to check defects on sheet metal, paint, gap and flush: all this is the ICP-CPA Area, created as an environment dedicated to the rigorous control and measurement of the quality of products and services with a view to the customer, looking at the supplied products and services from the buyer’s perspective, in order to achieve top-quality final results.

The evaluation of the car taken as a sample from the total production involves the visual identification outside and inside the passenger compartment of any aesthetic and functional anomalies with the engine switched off which, if present, are subsequently analysed and classified. In order to allow an accurate view of all vehicle

components by the employees, the ICP-CPA Area is equipped with a station for the summary evaluation of the underbody with its lift deck, several TOC/ICP stations and Pergolas for the visual identification of anomalies and imperfections in the sheet metal and in the painting. Both the TOC/ICP stations and the Pergolas can be defined as real light clinics because they are completely designed starting from the customer’s direct requests, also taking into account the indications of the employees who will be the ones to actually use finished product, as a careful and precise analysis requires variable lighting conditions. A further strength of these two systems is the colour rendering index of more than 90% with colour temperature D55(5500 °K), characteristics that maintain the perception of light that is very similar to natural solar light. The environment surrounding the two types of workstations is delimited by double safety glass panes framed by aluminium joints and topped by veneer wood panels with a reflective surface, to suggest concepts such as transparency and clarity. The play of symmetries and shapes suggested by the glass panes that delimit the area can also be found in the squared vertical wings that separate the Pergolas from the office area, and by the white false ceiling, also featuring the same pattern. The latter, together with the surrounding windows, acoustically isolates the area so as to prevent the technicians from being distracted by external noise coming from the machinery, allowing the TOC test to be carried out in the best possible way. In addition, the false ceiling reflects and diffuses light by means of lighting fixtures with the function of TOC analysis instruments. In the crossing areas, lamps with dark light optics are used according to the operators’ most specific needs, underscoring here as well the combination of sophistication and attention to detail with functionality and practicality.

An area well equipped for the function it is supposed to perform, with a focus on quality of materials and energy saving thanks to measures in line with the most advanced environmental protection directives. The result is a sober yet elegant style, transparent and alert to even the smallest details but, most importantly, always in the name of ergonomics, functionality and workers’ health.

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