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A laboratory containing technical rooms and equipment suited to control the quality level of metallic and non-metallic components of a car: this is the Goods Laboratory, an environment consisting of several rooms and functional areas for the qualitative analysis of all car components.

There are many specific technical areas inside the laboratory: from the Sample Instruments Room for certifications and calibrations of measuring instruments, to the Qualistic Room with reference samples for colour and aesthetics, from the Salt Mist Room for corrosion tests, to the Chemical Products and Suction Hoods Room, without forgetting the Metallographic Testing Room. There are also multiple areas: the Area where samples are prepared for metallographic analysis, the Metallic Materials Area, the Plastics, Elastomers and Fabrics Area, the Climatic and Thermal Testing Area and the Electrical Testing Area. In short, a well-equipped laboratory where

to carry out all the necessary checks on materials in all of their phases, starting, in the case of metallic materials, from the preparation of the samples, to the micrographic analysis and hardness determination, and the tensile tests. In the case of plastic materials, hardness, softening temperature, fluidity index, temperature scanning heat flows and charge contents are determined. For elastomers, on the other hand, after preparation of the sample by means of specific equipment, tensile tests, load-bearing capacity and determination of the coefficient of friction are carried out to determine density and water absorption. For non-metallic materials, there are also checks ranging from ageing to abrasion and corrosion, as well as colour and electrical component inspections.

Among all the specific equipment, it is worth mentioning as a minimum the Accessorised Electrical Bench, since it is the best solution on the market for those who want precision, versatility and quality at work. In fact, it guarantees special attention to details and to the operators’ needs by combining several instruments in a single product: a work table, an oscilloscope, a portable digital multimeter, a bench multimeter, a function generator, a frequency meter, a current clamp, two adjustable power supplies, a lamp with magnifying glass and a bench clamp. An ad hoc environment, therefore, an innovative and extremely functional and qualitative laboratory.

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