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: If you need to perform the objectification of static functional tests, verify the conformity of certain characteristics on vehicle systems and perform diagnostics on vehicles with anomalies, even difficult to solve, at the process, design and supply level, the TCVE (Technical Centre for Vehicle Evaluation) is your solution. In fact, its purpose is to monitor the progress of Process Compliance and suggest solutions to all kinds of anomalies, involving the technical diagnostic bodies.

For this reason, it was studied and designed with internal control and diagnostic areas, in addition to a technical sector and personnel office. Vehicles passing through the TCVE Area to be subjected to statistical checks are taken after the roller test, before the green sticker, so that process deviations can be verified. The areas in charge of control and diagnostics include control stations for smokiness, anti-evaporation, geometric layout, air conditioning and mechanical and electrical diagnostic stations with specific equipment depending on the destination area and functionality required by the operators in order to carry out their job.

In the TCVE Area, lighting conditions that are best suited to the operations to be performed are taken into account: metal halide lights that guarantee a minimum illuminance of 350 lux in the transit zone and 750 lux in the control and diagnostic stations. The set of light-workstation structures have been carefully studied to give the environment a touch of technology and design, at the same time providing the entire area with uniform visibility.

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