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We design and manufacture carts for the storage, handling and/or assembly of components of different nature, weight, shape and overall dimensions, such as vehicle slab elements, underbody guards, mechanical units.

The pictures show some examples of semi-corner group transport cart, cart used for the handling, lifting and assembly of a tank frame to be mounted in the underbody.

The structures are usually made of aluminium profiles, which guarantee lightness and modularity, while the containment and support elements, depending on their complexity and function, can be made of press-folded materials, subsequently rubberized, of machined plastic materials of CNC machines or 3D printed.

In addition to these construction features, for carts to be used for the lifting and assembling of components under the body, there are also sliding guides, pneumatic, electrical or mechanical lifting systems, screwing units, closures and everything necessary for the job to be carried out by one or more operators. All sized and certified to optimise weight, ergonomics, manoeuvrability, safety and resistance.

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